Building trust to avoid drug abuse

This is not one person’s work and must be a collective responsibility. Police officers like Mr. Ashok, put themselves out front to pass on the message to the users of drug substances, and as readers also we should feel responsible to make sure that the message is passed on where & when needed.

They needed help to survive, and we helped, Power of coming together

There were some other problems that we faced, but the families in our community didn’t give up, and even after facing all the difficulties we successfully provided food and shelter to the dogs.

Good deeds always payback

Manju has always been very afraid of dogs because once a dog in her childhood bit her, she never kept any animal in her house. Read more to know how her good deed took away fear for dogs.

The Women Power

Never get worried about failure, always work for success. Don’t let your confidence accept the failure way, you don’t compare yourself with others because God makes you precious.

Behbood The Society

Those two weeks of working with the NGO, making donations, at the end of this journey, joy came to an end too, but we could always relive those moments as we always have those memories safe with us in some pictures.

Help from Gokuldham restores faith in humanity

I’ve observed that somehow somewhere life finds its way. This time Gokuldham emerged as an angel for the people living on the banks of River Ganga. There have been, are, and will always be people and organizations that help you restore faith in humanity and assures that it is not always about self, but selflessness as well.

This is how HUMANS and ANIMALS can co-exist!

Even animals feel, just that they are not very vocal about them and cannot fight for themselves. I was very happy to see the care that this cow got from my family. To serve someone selflessly, whether it is human or animal, is a matter of great virtue and this is humanity. The people around there also take care of her and give her water and fodder.

Everything you can imagine is real and possible

If you have the zeal to do something with determination, then age never comes in the way! Deshna Nahar proved this to be true with her might, making her family, coach, and entire India proud.

A Rich Heart is More Precious than any worldly possession

The children from the slums love him, his family loves him, and now me and hopefully the readers will also shower some blessings on Raghu who has been selflessly feeding children and helping in any which way he can, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

An Hour of Your Time

It is heart-wrenching if it comes to this, spend time whether a few mins or few hours with your children so they get to know you. That in itself is the Good that one can do to make children happy in life.

*Raksha Bandhan gift – a little Naina*

I wanted to keep the kitten with me but my mother doesn’t like cats at all. As this moment was a little different, I saw my mother petting the cat and I could see a smile on her face as if she liked this cat. My Dad uttered the golden words…

Have the Courage to Dream!

Listening to that – Ashi said, don’t worry Sarita maasi I’m here to help you out. Padhai ke liye paisa nahi dedication chaiye (To study one doesn’t need money, just dedication is needed). If you want to study I’ll do everything possible to make you reach your destination.

The Iron Lady of Mountain – Kamala Negi

This is a story of a lady who is recently seen in a viral video fixing tires. She is called ‘Iron Lady of Mountain’ and her name is Kamala Negi. She has become an example for everyone. A trade that men usually do, is something this iron lady is getting her hands on and doing it well since 2004, she fixes punctured tyres of all kinds of vehicles.

A Drive to encourage youth for better future

Since the rally, Ayush mentioned that there have been several inquiries made by the young athletes and the event was marked as successful. Giving the right direction to the young generation is important for both themselves and the nation as it is very progressive.

Everyone made aware of the harmful effects of tobacco

They said “World NO Tobacco Day” and it is about what individuals and communities can do to help keep young people tobacco free, or help them quit for good using any kind of tobacco product is unsafe, especially for kids, teens, and young adults”.

12 year boy made a toy hydraulic JCB, surprises everyone

Talent does not require any degree nor age. Harish Koranga, 12, who lives in the remote and inaccessible village Kapkot in Pithoragarh district, state of Uttarakhand, India has shown these things to be true. I found this news about Harish while surfing the web and I liked it so much that I wanted to share with you.

Clothes and Food Distribution to the needy, a Noble Endeavour

What amazes me about this is not that this is just a choice that my sister and other helping people in the society have made, but this has become a part of their life and they all always help out without any reservations. This has become a part of their lives and comes out of them naturally, and inspires me every day of my life to do my part that I try.

Helping a hurting dog recover

He went on closer to the dogs, as they had not started from the picnic spot yet. The other friends were a little worried and scared about their friend, that he might bring trouble for himself by going into this rowdy scene between dogs. Looking at the target dog a little closer, it was clear that it was badly hurt and these other dogs might just kill it if no one stopped their fight. That dog’s neck was also bitten and he was not able to stand properly.

Helped strangers goat deliver babies!

Her excitement got even more when she heard of what happened with her uncle. On the night of the wedding, when everyone was having fun, her uncle was on his way to the wedding venue. Along the way to the venue, there was a cow shed outside of one house where they have raised some goats and cows.

Humanity is free of cost, never hesitate to show it.

A drastic increase can be seen in food waste, about 1/3rd of food produced for human consumption is wasted globally, accounting for almost 1.3 billion tons per year. Hence there is a need to come up with a solution that can avoid food waste and help feed the needy.

Mushroom Girl – inspiration for all

She set out on that journey and became the ‘Mushroom Girl’ with her hard work and dedication. The story of Mushroom Girl Divya Rawat not only inspires, but also teaches the youth to do something new, and follow their heart without hesitation if their will is strong. The President of India has honored Mushroom Girl with the Nari Shakti Samman (Award for Women Power).

5 years old becomes world’s youngest author

“She has always thrived off positivity from people – she just loves reading and drawing,” she added. Chelsie also admitted she did not have high expectations when Bella first told her she planned to pen down a book.

Sharing our day with Monkeys, made us feel, good

Monkeys are generally very unpredictable and can just snatch what they like and run away, somehow this bunch of Monkeys was very calm and just sat down watching us with a very little commotion. Very soon we realized that they must be hungry and looking for food from us.

Kids help out parents during Summer Break

Summer break from school and studies is a time when usually children will mostly relax or travel to distant places, make new friends and do all the fun activities possible can. Some children are privileged to have the luxury of relaxing, while some might not and they have to play another role for their family.

Water for Strangers – relief from the scorching heat!

The people from the Sikh community and with help of other people, including children had put up a big stall serving cold water and Roohafza – an ethnic flavorful sweetener – to the people walking in the market. I was definitely up for it and took the advantage of the opportunity and cooled myself down…

A crocodile 🐊 that never harms anyone

No matter what the story suggests, whether the Crocodile is truly a vegetarian or not, one thing that comes out of this story is obvious, there is definitely a sense in animals too to coexist in harmony.

Perseverance and Determination make Madhav a champion

Madhav showed everyone that if you want something and work towards getting it so much that you end up deserving that automatically, nothing is impossible. His perseverance and determination have become an example for may and he himself is super motivated to continue on this path that may, one day, lead him to become a top Karate champion. Thank you for inspiring many and us!

Meal Distribution to slums

In India, we say “दाने दाने पे लिखा है खाने वाले का नाम”, which means “The name of the eater is written on the grain”, which totally came true that day and it feels so great to be a part of this.

50 families come together for an amazing movement

Today, there are little over 50 such families who have learned to separate the food that can be given to the cows from what is trash, and they give the food to the cows in the morning and the evening. With this little step, not only Neha is saving many cows’ life, but also ensuring that there is a good use for the still edible portion of the food that is used for the cows.

Hope Wins, nothing else counts!

Someone has rightly said “love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”. Oskana and Viktor have been together, in love, with 2 children, and while such a big incident happened with Oskana, Viktor cared for her. On 2nd May 2022, Viktor and Oskana got married in Lviv hospital. They both are very happy, danced together and celebrated their wedding.

[Story] We have 2 choices

I took a deep breath and yelled, “Bullets!” Over their laughter, I told them I am choosing to live. “Operate on me as if I am alive, not dead.” Jerry lived thanks to the skill of his doctors but also because of his amazing attitude. I learned from him that every day we have the choice to live fully. Attitude, after all, is everything and is a choice.

Mother’s determination made handicapped son, a Para Athletics Champion

It is the result of the mother’s determination and belief that made her son stand on his feet, who now is a bronze medal winner in the National Para Athletics Championship, India. One never should lose hope to get better in life and Sunita has set a great example of it.


Nearby, some people know about their condition and are helpful, kind, and show compassion by giving them some food and money while visiting the place where they live. This is what keeps their livelihood going, showing the good in the community that this family truly appreciates.

Awareness drive on the ‘Earth Day’

Students even made the paper bags of old newspapers and distributed them among shopkeepers on the path of their march, spreading awareness to avoid the use of plastic bags. As we spoke to the people and shopkeepers who saw the march and also received the paper bags, they told us that enthusiasm among the students was commendable, that they learned something that they could do to make their contribution.

Thanks to the good people in our society!

We were still about 5 km away from the school and we felt lost because we forgot the exact way to school and wondered for almost 3 hours, with no one to ask for directions around. Finally, a lady who was driving by stopped and helped us with the direction and we had left school about 2 km behind. We again had to turn back and covered 2 km more on foot. I am also thankful to that lady for telling me the right way.

Food Drive, while celebrating the 12th year of goddess Chandika

People take this meal as a Prasad (offering) from the goddess, including any homeless or anyone who is around is welcome to come out and eat. Such bhoj are common during such cultural festivals and most importantly there are no restrictions on who, where, or how much they take or eat, there is always plenty to serve.

Fire crew helps a woman deliver her baby in a snow storm.

They had to call the emergency services, and the fire crews quickly reached to where the couple was stuck. Quickly the family was brought into a parking lot, and the crew members quickly made the arrangements of a tent surrounding the couple’s car to give them the much needed privacy.

Ritika and Coco’s bond against her family

Coco who was not to be found, the reply was “Some people took Coco away”. Ritika was heartbroken and disappointed and decided to go look for Coco. She and her cousin started looking for coco in the streets. They searched for the dog all day and for a few days, but at some point she felt that the dog might now be lost and gone forever, loosing hope to see Coco again.

Thanks to USPS, soldier’s WWII letter finally arrives to his family

According to these resources, an American Soldier Army Sgt John Gonsalves had sent a letter to his mother at the age of 22. At the time he was posted in Germany after the official end of the second World War. This letter found recently in United States Postal Service (USPS) distribution facility in Pittsburgh, it stayed unopened for more than 75 years.

A Sweet Kitten reunited with mother

After some petting and calming the kitten down, I was going to get something for the kitten to eat, but wherever I went, it came behind me. I knew that it was hungry, so I crumbled some biscuits that I was eating and put it in front of the kitten, but apparently it didn’t eat them. Figuring that it may want something else, I went around looking for other food for the kitten, and it continues to come behind me.

Couple, breaking the barriers of society by setting an example

The duo Asha and Abhinav will get married very soon. They set an example of humanity, breaking all the misconceptions in the society regarding organ donation, where humans who have either donated or received organs to or from others, are still thought to be different, hence people keep distance from them.

An athlete shows Sportsmanship and becomes a True Hero!

Shawn Crawford, the American sprinter, was originally in the fourth position in his 200 meters race and after the race, the judges found that the 2 runners ahead of him had to be disqualified for running out of their lane. Shawn was awarded second place and received his Silver medal.

500 Acts of Kindness by elementary school children

Children in the elementary school named Rita E. Miller school here in Westford, Massachusetts, had done more than 500 acts of kindness, as a challenge given to them. In this challenge, each child was asked to do one or more acts of kindness for their family or people around them.