Agniveer, Vishesh Rathore

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Earlier in the year 2023, you may have read a story of an Agniveer (Indian Soldier) here on our website. One of my friends, Vishesh Rathore, had a dream and wanted to become a soldier in the Indian Armed Forces and serve the country. This is his story about how he proved to himself, his family, and his friends that if there is a will, there is a way. I am writing this story to send you some positivity today.

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It is very difficult to become a soldier and one has to go through a rigorous selection process to get selected. Four difficult tests determine the fate of the individual whether they’re fit for the service or not, as an example, the first test is to run a mile (1600 meters) that must be completed in under 5 minutes, with as many as 400 candidates running together. The age of joining the armed forces in India is between 17.5 to 21 years, which also makes it a little difficult for young candidates as they may not be used to this rugged lifestyle.

Vishesh applied for the armed forces selection at the age of 20, and that is when he started running. He had to work extremely hard to practice and get his 1-mile run time to be within 5 minutes. Comes the day of the selection process, and on that day of his first attempt at getting selected, he missed his chance to be selected for a few reasons that only made him both sad and confident to apply again for the selection. He’s running close to getting aged out for the selection process, but he still has one chance to take on the challenge.

This time Vishesh was well prepared, confident, and believed in himself to get selected. By this time he has also completed his studies as he’ll need all the possible documentation to claim his candidature. The other 2 steps are not physical, but a medical test and a written test. The day arrived when he was going for the test, a bit nervous, and Vishesh went to the selection grounds. In the physical test, out of 400, only 15 to 20 boys pass the test. Vishesh couldn’t make it again, he and his family were heartbroken and upset as this was his last chance to apply as he is aging out from here on.

This is a dialogue from a famous Bollywood movie, where they say “If you want something with all your heart then the entire universe works to help you get it” Vishesh’s dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces wasn’t completely shattered and he was going to find a different opportunity, which he was about to become aware of very soon. The Government of India raised the upper limit for the selection from 21 years to 23 years. When Vishesh heard this news, he was extremely happy. Right away with no time wasted, Vishesh started his preparation as selection tests were to start very soon. He literally only had 2 months to prepare and he worked really hard day and night.

Recruitment started on time in the month of August last year and Vishesh felt better prepared without getting nervous this time. He went into recruitment camp ready to accept the challenge and prove his intent and might. This time Vishesh was placed at the front of the field line and not only did he run a 5-minute mile, but he came first among all the candidates in his group. After running the document verification, and the medical test, all there was the written test which was to be held in October. Agniveers are given 2 months to prepare for the written test. Vishesh has been preparing for these tests for the last 3 years and he knew that he would clear the exam, which is did too.

After a few days, Vishesh’s appointment letter also arrived and nothing but excitement ran through his family and friends, he prayed and thanked those whom he worshiped. Now he is in the Indian state of Odisha for his training and will return home after completing the training thereafter, he will join the Indian Armed Forces with pride and a dream that he’ll be living to serve his country.

Dear readers, there are times when things might not be looking the way you want them to, but remember, time changes and things can take a positive turn if you intend well and persevere. Happy Reading and Happy Vibes to you!