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The purpose of human life is to serve

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In the year 2023, heavy monsoon rains damaged more than usual. Many people became homeless, and many innocent people died more than every other year. Houses located near water bodies faced more issues because of a lot of accumulation, making it very difficult for the residents to stay. There is nothing more precious than the roof built on the land of one’s birth and with hard-earned money.

Such tragedies have happened in many districts of our state of Uttarakhand as well, like the one incident in Dehradun, Paonta Sahib (Sirmour), but as they say, sometimes thinking beyond the misery is what is needed in times of distress. When people from our society step up and help around, it only restores the faith in humanity and a similar work was done by a group of individuals led by Panku.

Panku, a kind and aware citizen, along with his group helped many families during these times of distress. They were able to not only perform rescue operations, helping out the people and authorities, but at the same time they would contribute money and make arrangements for food and drinks. Their hard and smart work allowed them to help out at least eight to nine thousand people of all ages. During this, they also helped out animals that could be helped. This is not any registered organization or a corporate stepping up, but self-motivated individuals, who could feel the need, and were compassionate towards the people in need.

They did whatever they could, but the big thing here is to bring timely support to people in such a situation. I didn’t get to speak with any of the kind volunteers, as they are still busy with their work, but certainly are able to send along the message that people face so much discomfort in their lives, that it is our duty to help people as much as we can.

View a small glimpse of their work here

Panku and his group have helped many people in their difficult times, helping many poor people who are not able to pay their children’s fees. There are many people who praise Panku for his help and give him blessings. He also has been able to bring more people to join his cause and has a lot of affection towards people, he says that he cannot see people in trouble, and that is why he likes to do all this.