Serving is the essence of life

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My friend Anjali and I used to work together and we became friends immediately, who wouldn’t with this kind-hearted girl? After some time we changed jobs and went to different fields, we stayed connected and friends. Knowing Anjali, she is very simple and playful, she has two sisters and her parents in her humble family. She’s always had a soft heart for the poor and had a desire since childhood to help the poor as much as she could. 

Anjali’s father is a polio patient and he is a tailor and has some small jobs that keep their family afloat. Anjali being the eldest in her family, shares the responsibilities of her house and the family members, she also helps others a lot. She started as a teacher, but then soon switched over to become a nurse practitioner and became one too.

During her teaching career, Anjali used to teach children who were disabled or as we now call them, differently abled, however, due to some unforeseen circumstances, she had to stop. She had to stay at home for some time and was picked up for a nurse position at the Graphic Era Hospital in Dehradun which is a new upcoming large hospital facility, and assigned her specially to the handicapped children.

Coming from a background, with some similar disabilities in her own family, she is the one best suited for the job, it was also a dream come true for her. The best part of her comes about when she meets families that are not able to afford expensive treatments for their children and she without saying much contributes to their treatment herself. At times, she would do so by sharing her earnings, feeding them, taking the kids for a special treat, playing with them, celebrating someone’s birthday to make them feel special, and many other ways. Anjali has become one of the most likable nurses at the hospital in a very short time. 

She does not like talking about it much, but I am lucky to be a friend of hers, she feels comfortable sharing such stories, with a satisfaction you can see on her face. She likes doing all of this a lot for others and people and is also starting to inspire the other staff members that she works with, the kindness and the message are spreading in that little oasis.

She says, “You get life only once, keep others happy along with yourself”.

I knew a lot about Anjali’s life and after seeing it I thought that it is not necessary to help someone only if you have money in life, there are many more means to do so.

One must have a strong but kind heart to think for someone and help them. Inspiring is her story and many other kind-hearted humans around us, that make them The Good Around Us!