Raise the standard of giving

Raise your standard of GIVING

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Most people plan to indulge themselves with their first salary. However, Sneha Sharma, a BPSC teacher from Begusarai, Bihar, had a different dream. The original story can be found here: Bihar lady teacher buys school bags for 120 poor kids from her first salary I came across this article and had to share it with my awesome readers, so here is Sneha’s story.

The first salary can be tempting as it is the result of all the hard work, anyone would want to spend on food, clothes, or buying gifts for our family members. Either, we take out our parents to an expensive restaurant for dinner or buy them gifts. Many would spend on themselves like going out with friends, shopping, etc.

Picture taken from Original Article Sneha Sharma distributing bags using her first salary

Sneha used her very first paycheck to buy something life-changing – not for herself, but for underprivileged children. She had recently joined as a teaching staff at Radha Devi Kanya Madhya Vidyalaya, a government-aided school in the Naokothi block of Begusarai district. It was a touching moment for her when she visited the ‘Baccho Ki Pathshala’ in the slum. She distributed essential study materials like bags, pens, notebooks, and even water bottles to children living in slums.

She says, “I’m fortunate enough that I got the privilege of doing something among these needy people, Everyone lives for themselves but I am very happy to distribute some part of my income among needy children”.

The moral of the story has to be, that you can use money to raise your status of Living, but you should raise your standard of Giving!