Krishna Poojary Prevented a Train Tragedy

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However much praise can be given to then 53 year old Krishna Poojary of Udupi district in Karnataka is not enough. It is also said that if intentions are good then even difficulties can be overcome. Krishna Pujari, who is handicapped in one leg, has proven the phrase Where there is a Will, there is a Way to be true. This incident happened back in the year 2018, but as we always say, the Good does not ever become stale.

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What could have been another railway tragedy was averted thanks Krishna, a daily wage labourer in Udupi of Karnataka. He spotted a crack in the track that had widened and posed a possible threat to approaching trains.

Despite an ailment that left him with a limp in his right leg, he ran for Three km (about 2 miles) in just a few minutes and reached the railway officials. His pain wasn’t as important as the lives of thousands of strangers and a train that could have overturned due to the faulty track. Krishna escorted the authorities to the site of crack within minutes. Wasting no time, they informed nearby stations of the danger and simultaneously fixed the crack. 

It was during his morning stroll when Krishna noticed a crack on the track that has widened. He said, “Since I could not seek anyone’s help, I quickly started pacing towards the Indrali railway station”. He had witnessed train accidents and clearly he cared enough to have one more avoided. 

Once the repairs were done and everyone was safe, “I have severe leg pain. But I am glad I could be of some help to the public,” Krishna said.

Krishna Poojary is The Good Around Us, not just by doing what he did, but showing the society that care and courage are something all you need to do good for others.