This is how HUMANS and ANIMALS can co-exist!

Even animals feel, just that they are not very vocal about them and cannot fight for themselves. I was very happy to see the care that this cow got from my family. To serve someone selflessly, whether it is human or animal, is a matter of great virtue and this is humanity. The people around there also take care of her and give her water and fodder.

Everything you can imagine is real and possible

If you have the zeal to do something with determination, then age never comes in the way! Deshna Nahar proved this to be true with her might, making her family, coach, and entire India proud.

A Rich Heart is More Precious than any worldly possession

The children from the slums love him, his family loves him, and now me and hopefully the readers will also shower some blessings on Raghu who has been selflessly feeding children and helping in any which way he can, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Everyone made aware of the harmful effects of tobacco

They said “World NO Tobacco Day” and it is about what individuals and communities can do to help keep young people tobacco free, or help them quit for good using any kind of tobacco product is unsafe, especially for kids, teens, and young adults”.

Helped strangers goat deliver babies!

Her excitement got even more when she heard of what happened with her uncle. On the night of the wedding, when everyone was having fun, her uncle was on his way to the wedding venue. Along the way to the venue, there was a cow shed outside of one house where they have raised some goats and cows.

Humanity is free of cost, never hesitate to show it.

A drastic increase can be seen in food waste, about 1/3rd of food produced for human consumption is wasted globally, accounting for almost 1.3 billion tons per year. Hence there is a need to come up with a solution that can avoid food waste and help feed the needy.

Kids help out parents during Summer Break

Summer break from school and studies is a time when usually children will mostly relax or travel to distant places, make new friends and do all the fun activities possible can. Some children are privileged to have the luxury of relaxing, while some might not and they have to play another role for their family.