Help from a Stranger is God Send

Sometimes those who give the most are strangers, sent by a higher power

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Today I bring to you a sweet story that I came across and felt like sharing with you. It is a story that was brought out by the news channel Jagran, the original story is in Hindi and you can read it here.

Haldwani is a city located in Nainital district of Uttarakhand state of India. Devbhoomi, our Uttarakhand, is a state rich in everything. But if we talk about the economy of our Uttarakhand state it is primarily agriculture based. Some people are economically very weak and due to this, most of the people living in the villages have migrated to cities. Every year too much rainfall causes great harm to the people and crops, and those who are dependent on farming face the most problems. Some people are forced to stay because they cannot leave and go to a new place and do some other work. 

One such small family lives in Haldwani. The house where two young sisters and their parents and other members live. The head of that house is also the father of those two girls and the responsibility of all the members living in that house rests on him. One day due to his deteriorating health, he was to be further treated at a hospital, and since they had already used whatever little they had, their family was not able to afford any more hospital bills.

When the problem became severe, to save their father’s life, the two sisters went from place to place and begged everyone. People did not support them so much, thinking that it was a lie and it didn’t help improve the situation in their case, which was genuine. Someone has rightly said, “Delay is not darkness.” there are still few people who think and care for others. A woman from our Uttarakhand state, Mrs. Bhavana Pandey, is a state activist and social worker. When she came to know about this family’s situation, she called the mother of the girls and gave her one lakh eleven thousand rupees to support the treatment of their father. Seeing the love those two little girls had for their father, she remembered her childhood, which too was spent in poverty. She took upon herself the responsibility of paying for the education of those two sisters and getting them married along with requesting other donors to join hands.

When everyone heard about Mrs. Bhavna Pandey in the news that she had provided so much help, people were very happy and praised her a lot. When I read about her, the only thing that came to mind was that she is “a woman whose heart is made of gold”. Helping someone during their financial difficulty without expecting anything in return is highly appreciated.

The help came from someone completely strange, without asking them and at the right time. This is what is Good in our society, The Good Around Us!