The greatness of a person is not determined by status, but by their compassion

As time passed, the government arranged for some facilities so that citizens who wanted to go to their homes could safely return. They were so relieved that they could finally go to their homes and meet their families. My grandmother used to get her pensions that she and my aunt used to help them financially as well and gave them some money to them go to their native homes in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

Time to beat the hunger

Their prices could barely cover the cost of the material in general. Sita Rasoi would get funding for their noble deed from the people who could give to the needy, like the rich people, or just someone who wanted to spread kindness.

A good neighbor is a priceless treasure

One day Javida Aunty visited Nirmala as usual and noticed that Nirmala was laying unconscious. She immediately took Nirmala to Indresh Hospital in Dehradun, which is about an hour’s drive knowing that she would get better treatment there.

It takes a young heart to teach the world!

She wanted to thank them in particular for all the ‘Birthday Parades’ the officers did during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing smiles on the children of the town, so why not help them smile as well for once. A brilliant and shining example of, what goes around, comes around, and if it comes around in this form, it shows how beautiful can young hearts be.

Some thoughtful souls think of the inmates.

Care packages for Concord Prison inmates were sent by some thoughtful souls. COVID-19 Virus Pandemic has been hard on all of us. It has been even more challenging for the incarcerated members of our society. They are unable to get out of their cells for their daily outdoor activities, or for their meals and all visitations have been suspended