Thank you COVID-19 Medical helpers and volunteers

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I am Anjaneya Aggarwal, 9 years old, a student, staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, while the medical helpers, volunteers, all front liners are fighting for me and all of us. As COVID-19 comes into our bodies, two weeks later, you feel the symptoms. You are rushing to the hospital, and then our medical doctors and nurses come in and help. Mission accomplished! Many people got their lives saved, thanks to these medical doctors and nurses. As well of those volunteers who donated medical supplies. We thank the doctors who saved lives out there. Here are examples of front liners who are fighting against the corona virus for us:

  • * Government
  • * 911 and local emergency respondents in various countries
  • * All the cleaning people
  • * Mail people
  • * Volunteers who go door to door to check on people
  • * Essential shops (provide food, tools, medicine, etc)
  • * Hospitals
  • * Doctors and nurses
  • * Donors of supplies, money etc..

These people are fighting for me and other people to save our lives. These people are just a few examples of people who are fighting with the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank these hardworking and caring people for saving lives out there in the harsh corona virus. Though corona virus is still out there, these front liners have done a lot for us. Our thanks to them will make them feel that they did a lot for us and the people out there. Thank you doctors, nurses, and front liners who are fighting between COVID-19 pandemic for me and the people out there. Thank you very much!