Thanks to USPS, soldier’s WWII letter finally arrives to his family

According to these resources, an American Soldier Army Sgt John Gonsalves had sent a letter to his mother at the age of 22. At the time he was posted in Germany after the official end of the second World War. This letter found recently in United States Postal Service (USPS) distribution facility in Pittsburgh, it stayed unopened for more than 75 years.

500 Acts of Kindness by elementary school children

Children in the elementary school named Rita E. Miller school here in Westford, Massachusetts, had done more than 500 acts of kindness, as a challenge given to them. In this challenge, each child was asked to do one or more acts of kindness for their family or people around them.

Cub Scouts explore National Guards camp

Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, a National Guard facility with a lot of activity that happens there have been very accommodating for the cub scouts to allow them to come, explore, interact and learn to be a hard & smart worker, set goals in life, achieve them with compassion and vigor.