Vaishali Thakur - Sheetal Devi January 2024

Defying Limits

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There is no shortage of skills in this world and many children all over India. Some struggle in life because facilities are not sufficient, but at the same time do not complain, still, they succeed, making everyone proud. This is a story about Sheetal Devi, who has made India very proud recently and she comes from a humble background. 

Sheetal was in the news recently as she was honored with Padma Shri Award by India’s Honorable President Draupadi Murmu. Sheetal is a resident of Jammu and Kashmir (Kishtwar) and has achieved mastery in archery at a very young age. While only seventeen years old, has struggled in life since her birth as she was born with Phocomelia, a disorder causing under-developed limbs. Not everyone with such a struggle can overcome the barriers and rise, but Sheetal and many others like her set examples every day for society that limits are there only if you believe they’re there.  

Recently, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi also met Sheetal Devi personally to congratulate her for achieving such a huge milestone in her life. He said in his tweet on the X platform, “Proud of Sheetal Devi on her extraordinary Gold Medal in Archery Women’s Individual Compound open event at the Asian Para Games. This achievement is a testament to her grit and determination.”

Sheetal Devi is very inspiring and we salute to Sheetal Devi for her success. Read about her story on the Olympics website here and get your inspiration dose for today.