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Time to beat the hunger

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There is nothing more virtuous than feeding food. The biggest need of a man is food. An organization is doing one such work in Moradabad, called Sarv Prayas Welfare Society, providing food for the hungry and the needy for free. They run their free food drive in a van that is named Sita Rasoi or Sita Kitchen.

They started not too long ago, on 4 August 2019 and all the hungry and needy people come to Sita Rasoi and feed without needing to pay for it. Their work was especially helpful during COVID-19, as in India there was a lockdown, and moving food material and prepared food was next to impossible because of the fear of contracting the virus. Their work during the lockdown was commendable.

If anyone needed more, they could also purchase a full meal for just rupees 5, compared to rupees 50 which is how much the same amount of food would cost otherwise. Their prices could barely cover the cost of the material in general. Sita Rasoi would get funding for their noble deed from the people who could give to the needy, like the rich people, or just someone who wanted to spread kindness. It would open from 9 am to 11 pm every day and serve an average of 400 people on a daily basis. Sita Rasoi van was and still gets their parking spot near Kashiram gate in the town of Moradabad.

Volunteers of the Sita Rasoi

Volunteers from the organization along with anyone who could afford to spare time from their everyday lives come to the van and helps in the distribution of food. I recently found out about them and I feel very proud that this is something that happens in my own town, they’re doing excellent work and getting a lot of blessings from the people they feed.