Giving away plant saplings, promoting gardening!

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What a way to promote gardening in local yards, grow saplings and give them away for free to whoever needs them, kindness doesn’t know any certain ways to shine.

Families, strangers in the town of Westford, MA, grew vegetable seedlings like beans, capsicum, squash, tomato, many others. As these start to grow into plants, the giveaway begins. During this COVID-19 situation where everyone is hesitating to go out to nurseries – even though there are measures been taken to keep them safe – this turns out a blessing.

This is not only restricted to vegetables, but flowers, fruits are also on the list, and this is not just in one town, but many have good samaritans like this little town. Helping out with gardening is just one benefit, the kids who are home from schools being closed due to COVID-19, are also getting an opportunity to learn about different plants, their lifecycle, care of the plants, doing small projects to grow these plants. Families who don’t have yards are growing these plants in any space they have.

Many more acts of kindness, good deeds are coming out as this simple one, keep them coming!! Enjoy, stay safe!