Compassion during COVID-19

The greatness of a person is not determined by status, but by their compassion

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In the early part of the year 2020, it was during the timeframe of the first lockdown when COVID-19 cases in India were on the rise when this incidence occurred. As they say, Good Deeds never go stale and are always refreshing. Today I bring to you one such beautiful story from near my home, where there were some boys who used to live on the rent. These boys used to earn their living on daily wages by doing tiles and labor work. Everything was going well but gradually COVID-19-related cases were on the rise very rapidly. In the month of March, the lockdown was imposed in the country, and trade and businesses were completely at a stop.

The hardships of people were only on the rise and the poor tenants had only one month’s ration at most when they couldn’t afford more including their rents. In such a situation, their landlord asked them to leave and drove all three of them out of the house. The poor tenants asked the landlord for a little understanding and some help but the landlord wasn’t going to budge, which made the situation worst for these tenants and they had to leave the house.

One of the boys figured out where they can survive for a few days and they took shelter in a nearby Shiva Temple. Their ration finished in a few days and the worse days came due to a lack of food. When everyone in our society heard about them taking shelter in the temple, there was a clear commotion and no one was very happy to hear about this news, felt bad. Fortunately, my grandmother and aunt stepped forward, went to the temple, and brought the homeless boys home. This was a decision made because it wasn’t safe to have them spend time outside in the open with the deadly virus (COVID-19) spreading.

One of the poor boys cried so much with relief in their eyes, everyone felt so bad for them. My grandmother and aunt kept them at our house, and they stayed there for a few months. This show of compassion by my grandmother was very much appreciated by my family and neighbors. My cousins who lived in the same house, also enjoyed their company as these boys were very nice. As time passed, the government arranged for some facilities so that citizens who wanted to go to their homes could safely return. They were so relieved that they could finally go to their homes and meet their families. My grandmother used to get her pensions that she and my aunt used to help them financially as well and gave them some money to them go to their native homes in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.

Unfortunately, this year in 2023, my grandmother passed away in peace and we lost a very beautiful soul from this world. One of the boys from Ayodha, after hearing this, visited my grandmother’s home where he was helped during his worst time during the COVID-19 period. After visiting and paying his regards to my grandmother, the boy returned to his hometown and got married. He is working as a daily wage person at construction sites and is living happily with his family and their life is going smoothly.

It was the goodness of my grandmother and aunt that they shared space not only in their home but also in their hearts, with those homeless boys. This show of compassion and humanity restores my faith in society and motivates me to also help out someone. There are so many more stories of people opening up to help people in need that I would like to share with you in the future. Thank you for reading!