Lost Wallet Returned to the owner

Returning Lost Wallet to its owner, Goodness in the heart

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This short story is about good soul people who always want wellness in society. It was the 25th of February, when Amit, a resident of Herbertpur, Mitralok Colony, lost his wallet somewhere in the market. In his wallet, there were important identity cards and papers like Aadhar cards, Driving licenses, and Debit cards from different banks.

I came to know this matter from Rajender, one of my students, whose younger brother Shakti coincidentally found the lost wallet. Shakti could not leave the wallet behind as he noticed that there are important items in it, he took the wallet and told his mother about it. Shakti is a student in school and studies in 10th standard. His mother asked him and his elder brother Rajender to look out in the wallet if they can get some information to find the person. Using the Aadhar card, there was a name and address (Mitralok colony) but Rajender didn’t know how to get to that address as he wasn’t quite familiar with the place.

It was the goodness in their hearts that they wanted to give back the lost wallet to its owner, as quite honestly the owner must have been very worried. After Rajender told me about this, I also tried to approach every source from my end that I could have contacted if anyone knows Amit from Mitralok Colony. I spoke to Mr. Indrajeet who works in a nearby courier service DTDC for assistance.

A couple of days later a man from Mitralok Colony visited the Courier Service. Mr. Indrajeet told him if he knows about Amit and we told him about the lost wallet. That man contacted some of his known from the same colony and was able to locate Amit. All of this happened because we did not want to pass on the wallet to any unknown hands that might put it at risk. Amit works at a private firm and we were able to get a message sent to him.

By that evening, he visited us, and Shakti’s brother Rajender returned the wallet to Amit. Finally, on 6th March 2023 Amit got his wallet back. He was very happy and appreciative of all our efforts and Thankful that we kept it safe as his bank cards were also in his wallet. It was the goodness of Shakti and his family members they took care of the wallet and kept looking for Amit.

Shakti: The boy who found the wallet and did the right thing

It is very rare that such incidences come to light, but they most certainly restore faith in humanity and human kindness.