Calf Taken Care of

It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal

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This is a short and sweet story about my friend who lives in a village named Jamnipur in Dehradun. On the way to her house, there is a forest. There I saw that there are animals which have been abandoned by the people and they wander without any food or shelter. This breaks my heart, how will those poor animals live, it is so cold in the winter months and there are so many weather changes.

So my friend was telling me that someone left his cow’s calf in the forest, it is about eight to nine months old. We all had just seen that there was a disease in the cows, due to which many animals had died. It was very sad that many people in my neighborhood had animals, and their animals also died of the same disease in the past few years.

Perhaps that cow’s calf had the same disease without getting it treated, it was abandoned. It was wandering in pain in the forest and was spotted when my friend’s grandfather who brought his goats to the forest to feed them. After observing the calf, he noticed that the calf was not able to get up, he then went to check on him. They saw that there is a very deep wound under its foot, and the wound had worms in it. It was then clear that the calf was in pain and needed help. The grandfather then went home and called someone to pick up the calf and bring it home. His grandfather took the calf home with him, fed him grass, and applied medicine to the wound. All of this took a long day and by the evening it was clear that the calf needed more attention and care. They kept the calf for the whole night, then the next day he called the doctor so that he could give him proper treatment. Then the doctor cleaned all his wounds, removed the worms, and then repeated the treatment for the next nine days.

The calf picked up and waiting to be now treated

Everyone in his house took great care of the calf and the wonder of care shows clearly that the calf is no longer in pain and getting better. My friend’s brother walks him up daily and goes around a bit so that he gets well. My friend’s family may not be that rich but their heart is very rich and especially her grandfather who did so much for that cow’s calf. Otherwise, people keep animals in their houses but do not value them so much, and there are some who may not have that much but still think of others.

Calf is feeling better and can now stand up

Animal Cruelty is real and true and it is happening in every corner of the world, and with what I see and share, I wish to promote the readers to request everyone around them to be kind to the animals. Thank you for reading!