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If there is no STRUGGLE there is no PROGRESS

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To achieve something, we have to fight for it, our life becomes challenging because of our karma and some mistakes, but seeing these difficulties, one should not panic, and face challenges by keeping faith in God.
Let’s go to the story of my life when I was young because of some family matters my mother, my brother, and I had to leave the house. My brother and I were still studying and my mother took up work as a tailor to support our home and school. Difficulties were no less, so it was an all-hands-on-deck situation, and at the age of 12, I started working to support as much as I could, at one of the famous restaurants in my town. While studying, I also learned to cook, which came to me as my second nature.

As time went by, working and studying at the same time, I entered 10th grade of my school, it only became more difficult to meet the household expenses, then we decided to work more along with my studies. While I and my mother were working hard to make ends meet, my brother was no less of support as he worked at a wholesale shop for about 3 years gaining experience in many arts related to selling. He then ended up working in a medical store with support from the owner of that wholesale shop. I continued to work at a restaurant, learned everything I could, and with a target in mind of opening my own restaurant I used to save money. Along the way in our journey, our maternal uncle was helping and guided us through our tough times too. During these times, when I take a pause and think, there were times when we had to sleep without a meal, and our mother would tell us about how one should trust in god, stay motivated, and never give up. Every hardship only made us stronger and we worked hard having faith in God now the times have changed for our family.

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My brother is a Medical Representative and works for Cipla a pharmaceutical company, now I am running my own small restaurant, and my mother has her own small business of tailor and she sews clothes. We all are very happy and passionate about what we do and don’t ever give up on anything while enjoying every moment of our lives together.

I wanted to share my story and give you a real-life example that never being afraid of difficulties in life, trusting in God, and working hard you can achieve everything. If you are going through a difficult time, you’ll feel suffocated, but having lived a difficult life, I can tell you to keep breathing, keep trying, and keep going don’t stop.