Stray Dogs fed every day during Pandemic

People who feed strays are essential 

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Amid the Covid-19 curfew in many parts of the state, strays are suffering from hunger. Most hotels and restaurants are closed which poses a problem for strays.

There is a dentist who comes every day in the evening, gives meat and dog food to the strays. I’ve witnessed this act of kindness towards the strays throughout the COVID-19 pandemic since the government of India started enforcing lockdowns. He doesn’t live around there, comes from another area of the town, but he makes sure to stop by the road daily and feed the strays, he does it for more than 1 location where there is a good population of strays. Dogs now know his timing and looks forward to his visit. They all start to gather 30 mins before his arrival and wait for him and when he leaves they follow him behind his car to Thank him for his generosity.

Doctor Feeding Strays
[Photo Credit]: Shruti Agarwal, writer of this article.

More and more people should come forward and help strays, I try to do something for the strays local to my area when I’m walking my dog. It is very heart warming to see them happy!

Mahatma Gandhi once said: Greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated!