It takes a young heart to teach the world!

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Inspired by a kind hearted Kaira Agarwal, who is a lovely 6 year young girl trying to bring a smile by giving back to the society. Her parents, who are a very close family friends, say that she coined the ‘Bring Smile’ tradition in their family and started this tradition with the first initiative of appreciation the Westborough Police Department for their hard work during the pandemic.

She wanted to thank them in particular for all the ‘Birthday Parades’ the officers did during the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing smiles to the children of the town, so why not help them smile as well for once. A brilliant and shining example of, what goes around, comes around, and if it comes around in this form, it shows how beautiful young hearts can be.

Illustration by: Stuti Agarwal (explore more of of Stuti’s work here)

During this pandemic, I’ve been hearing many such stories of town officers here in the USA coming around to make the birthdays special for many children, in other parts of the world, helping everyone manage the impact of the COVID-19 related lockdowns better, so we also would like to take this opportunity to THANK all the frontline personnel and THANK YOU Kaira for a very beautiful and gentle reminder.

Kaira’s ‘Bring Smile’ family tradition will bring smile two times in the year, so we’ll try to be on the lookout for the second one and share with you.

A quote from John F. Kennedy comes to mind, “Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” and this is one beautiful message.