A savior for a dog

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Dogs don’t deserve humans!!! You’ll be wondering why did I state this statement, but its true people treat them as they don’t get hurt or feel no pain.

The other day I met my friend and he told me how he saved a dog’s life. He was strolling down the street and saw a big wounded dog, who was brutally hit by the car; the dog was bleeding badly and was not able to walk. It was a stray dog brown in color. Many tried to help but the dog was scared and tried to bite them. My friend sped off to the dog as he couldn’t stop himself proving the help to the dog. He tried to gain its trust first and then he made it feel safe and secure. He went to the medical store and bought things that were needed for the wounded dog.

The dog was in immense pain and cried but that guy was focused and nothing bothered him, he cleaned the wound then gave some antiseptic, applied some ointment to relieve the dog, and cover the leg with bandages. Then he called the city welfare organization for further help to the dog till the time they arrived he gave biscuits and provided the water required for the dog.

Article by: Shruti Agarwal, Photo Credit: Stuti Agarwal (explore more of Stuti’s work here)

There are a few people who still care about the animals’ maybe you should just look around yourself.

Keep the kindness lights up!!