Scout donates hand made toddler beds

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What a lovely way to give to the community! Scout Ben Blute donates crib sheets and 10 toddler beds he made for his Eagle Scout project. Scouting organizations teach kids to be very kind and considerate about the society and learn excellent values. Scout Ben Blute proves how kind he is and we applaud his brilliant idea of doing both his project and service to the community!

Thank you Scout Ben Blute, you are truly an inspiration to all the scouts! My cub scouts love what you did!

Also a big thank you to The Wish Project to allow us to share this wonderful act of kindness here. We wish that you keep bringing out the best in the society! Post from Facebook below:

Source: Facebook ‘The Wish Project’ page.

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Thank you everyone for reading and keep smiling since there is a lot of GOOD around us!