Showing Someone They Are Not Alone is a Truly Precious Gift

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It was just a few years ago that Herbertpur (Dharmawala) Hospital was established (Swami Vivekananda). It is a newer hospital that has been opened a few years ago and the facilities are also good. At one time, an emergency childbirth/delivery case came to the hospital and coincidentally, me and my family were also present in the hospital, as my aunt had surgery.

Post-delivery the mother, and the child were moved to the same ward where my aunt was put up. This one delivery specifically is memorable as there was practically no one from the mother’s family there with her to help out. It took some time for her recovery to become normal, and in the meantime, we got to talk and became friends. In our conversations, the topic of her family not being present with her came up and, the mother started crying, and she opened up telling us about herself and that she herself has come to the hospital.

It was quite saddening to learn about her story, and then she added to it. She told us that she had married her husband in a court marriage arrangement and against her family’s wishes. She now lives in her in-law’s house but her in-laws do not like her much. They generally create trouble for her and do not support her for anything. The mother told us that she had to come to the hospital by herself and that she did not even have much money with her to take care of the hospital expenses, let alone get a decent meal. The doctors were hesitant to take her in as they suspected that it may be a troublesome situation and were worried that the police might need to be involved. Originally they refused her treatment since she was alone.

Stars were aligning for this mother with another very old Punjabi couple who had come to the hospital for their treatment. This couple saw that pregnant lady in such a way that he felt very bad knowing her situation. Out of compassion and sheer kindness, they took charge of the situation and got her admitted naming themselves as her guardian. This family did everything for her from taking care and even paying the hospital dues, medicines, etc.

While sharing her story with us, she wouldn’t stop crying, and we ourselves became very emotional hearing about both her situation and about the kind-hearted couple. A much better part of this story is yet to come, where other families that were around in the same ward as all the other patients, started helping out this new to-be-destined family in every which way they could. Providing food for the new mother and other pregnant ladies, giving all of them fruits, etc. means everyone takes care of each other. This was a sight that brought me to tears as well and I have witnessed something that I will remember and cherish for my entire life, especially being a part of this small motion of kindness that random people displayed when they knew nothing about each other.

The elderly couple helped the new mother so much without thinking, she was very grateful for everything they could do to help. As it ended, the new mother needed additional attention from the hospital, so she was admitted there for a few more days and she was discharged from the hospital soon after with everything with her and her child being good.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, from the family or from a stranger. You and I can be the person to provide it, and I’ve promised myself, requesting you to do the same to provide when you can, it feels amazing. Kindness is still alive among us, let’s pledge to keep it that way and make the world a better place, You and I are The Good Around Us!