Two Kittens Rescued and given shelter

Two little kittens – It takes one step

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It is monsoon season in India, and this year, it is raining heavily, especially in Northern India. During the last week of June, our whole family was having a relaxing family time; sitting, talking, and drinking tea together. It is when my Grandma heard a sound. She asked if I also heard any strange sounds.

I was so relaxed that initially, my brain didn’t register the sound, but after listening carefully, it sounded like cats. It was raining heavily outside so the sound was less audible also it was dark outside at around 7 pm and with the clouds and rain, it felt much darker. Grandmother told me to go outside with an umbrella and see from where were we hearing the cats. Me and my brother came out of the house, and at some distance from the house, the sound of the cats crying was clearly audible.

We then traced the sound further and saw that it was coming from inside the bushes and looking further with flashlights there they were; the two little kittens. One of them was trapped in the bushes, so I gave the umbrella and flashlight to my brother and took the trapped kitten out of the bush, and brought both of them straight home. I handed those kittens to my father, and because we already had a cat (Naina) he was not very happy to see the kittens.

Feeding these kittens was quite satisfying for us, but because we used Naina’s bowl, she didn’t seem very pleased and started making noise showing her anger. We then needed to figure out a shelter for the kittens and because of our dog Mukku, we couldn’t keep them outside either when Naina would create trouble for them inside the house. We kept those cats in our garage and we wondered about what to do with the kittens as it was not safe for them both inside and outside of our house.

My sister stepped up and mentioned that one of her friends was looking for a cat. Her friend said yes to taking the cat, so she took the kittens with her but returned them back the next day as she also had two dogs, who didn’t get along with the kittens. One of my father’s friends who works at a school and lives on the school premises, volunteered to check with the school principal about keeping the kittens. The school principal gave permission for the kittens to be sheltered, he took both those kittens and now the kittens live with him and are being taken great care of.

It was quite a journey for the kittens to finally find a place they can call their home, and with many people becoming part of their journey, showing kindness, and willingness to take them in, restores my faith in humanity.