Helped Deliver Baby Goats

Helped strangers goat deliver babies!

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It was a few days ago that my friend went to her village with her family members in Yamkeshwar block, which is located in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, India. There was a marriage function at her relative’s home. She was attending a marriage in the village for the first time and with all the customs, she saw a lot of new things and was very excited.

Picture Credit: Vaishali Thakur

Her excitement got even more when she heard of what happened with her uncle. On the night of the wedding, when everyone was having fun, her uncle was on his way to the wedding venue. Along the way to the venue, there was a cow shed outside of one house where they have raised some goats and cows.

A goat was pregnant in that shed, and as he was walking by, my friend’s uncle heard the goat screaming and the cow mooing from the cowshed. It sounded like these animals were in some sort of pain, so he went to take a peek, and was surprised with what he saw. The goat was delivering the baby and was definitely in pain. The goat was struggling while in the process and seeing that uncle got a little nervous as he couldn’t find anyone else from the owner’s house helping out the goat.

Picture Credit: Vaishali Thakur

Though he had to be getting to the wedding, he couldn’t leave but stayed to help the goat and pulled the baby out as the goat seemed tired. As the kid was pulled out, uncle got another little surprise when he saw another baby coming out. Ultimately that goat has given birth to twins.

Uncle saw the goat feeling relaxed as it looked at the babies and also at the uncle like it was saying Thank you for helping! The goat and its two kids are absolutely fine and in good condition now. After this uncle reached the wedding and discussed what happened with him and was himself feeling very happy that he could do what he did. Everyone was surprised and very happy too.

It was pure destiny that he was walking by and right then the goat needed help. Uncle has really done a good job by helping these voiceless animals in such a time when they badly needed it. We also Thank such good samaritans that we have in our society!