Lucky Feeds Strays with Leftovers from a restaurant

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A drastic increase can be seen in food waste, about 1/3rd of food produced for human consumption is wasted globally, accounting for almost 1.3 billion tons per year. Hence there is a need to come up with a solution that can avoid food waste and help feed the needy.

Often you must have seen people go to hotels, restaurants, and weddings and take more food than they can eat and after a little while, they leave all the food just like that. This can be seen as wrong and yes people should understand the value of leftovers because you cannot give eaten food to any person or even a one who is hungry.

Recently, there was an act of kindness that my elder brother, Lucky was a part of. He visited his friend who runs a restaurant of his own and noticed that so many people go to eat food in his restaurant. Lucky also observed that many people left the food on their plates. He inquired his friend, about what they do with all the remaining eaten food and found out that they just put that into the garbage. Out of curiosity, my brother asked his friend if he can take this leftover food with him to feed the stray dogs on the roads and streets, doing so, poor dogs will get fed.

Picture Credit: Author of this article, Vaishali Thakur

Lucky then got all the food stuffed into a box and as the stray dogs met him he fed them the food. I really appreciate his work and also I am proud that at night when everyone was sleeping and he was feeding the stray dogs. Lucky plans to do this as often as he possibly can and also wants to bring more of his friends along to join in this act of kindness and we hope that this sparks into a motion when others see this happening.