Helping a hurt dog

Helping a hurting dog recover

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This is a kindness story so I’ll get to the story right away, this one touched me very much.

One day my friend Ganesh and his friends were on their way for a picnic at a waterfall, on a weekend. They had a lot of fun and were returning home feeling refreshed. While on their way back, Ganesh spotted that a bunch of dogs together were troubling one poor dog. This dog was very scared and looked like it was hurt. One of the boys from this trip is a dog lover and has helped a few dogs in past.

He went on closer to the dogs, as they had not started from the picnic spot yet. The other friends were a little worried and scared about their friend, that he might bring trouble for himself by going into this rowdy scene between dogs. Looking at the target dog a little closer, it was clear that it was badly hurt and these other dogs might just kill it if no one stopped their fight. That dog’s neck was also bitten and he was not able to stand properly.

Helping a hurt dog
Helping a hurt dog

The dogs were scared off and the fight came to an end, then Ganesh brought some medicine for the dog from a medical store close by, cleaned his wounds thoroughly with warm water, and applied medicine to calm him down. Also got some food for the dog so that it has some energy to move around.

The next day Ganesh went back to check on the dog, it was still there, but the condition was worst. Ganesh then took the dog to the animal hospital with the help of one of his friends and got the dog treated there. Ganesh and his five friends live away from their homes while studying and preparing for competitive exams, so they could not keep the dog with them, moreover, their landlord refused to allow animals. Coincidently, the landlord was away for about a week so they were able to keep the dog with them until his treatment was going on. When the landlord returned, seeing the dog, he got mad, but kindly, permitted to keep the dog, but without letting it inside the rooms.

As the dog was getting better, they had to let the dog go to a place where there the dog can find food and shelter and that is what they did. Helping a dog recover and taking care of an animal for a few days made these boys learn an important lesson in their lives and especially made all of them very happy from the bottom of their hearts!