Mother’s determination made handicapped son, a Para Athletics Champion

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Found this inspiring and motivating news on Mothers Day, original news is in the Hindi language, and I’ve written it in English, I hope my translation is equally motivating. Thank you for reading with us!

A mother’s struggle and insistence made her disabled son win a medal in Para Athletics. Doctors had said that the handicapped son will be unable to stand on his feet and even speak, but Sunita, his mother, did not lose courage. The family lives in the village-Janwala of Hamirpur block in Himachal Pradesh (H.P.), India.

The mother approached all the possible treatments for her son and visited dozens of hospitals, and took treatment and consultation from hundreds of doctors, but most of the doctors told her that her son will not be able to walk and speak. Finally, after the treatment by a doctor in Chandigarh, the son started showing some movement. Along with the treatment, the mother’s determination further improved the son.

Medicines and more importantly, the care of his mother made the son stand on his feet and is now a national-level para-athlete. As per Sunita, her premature delivery, her son was born and was physically challenged. He could neither walk nor speak and when the son was just three years old, Sunita’s husband died, this is when a very hard time began in her life.

After the death of her husband, she went to several hospitals, and several clinics, took a pledge to cure her son, and finally made the son a para-runner by making him stand on his feet. Sunita says that her son is now 20 years old and she does not stay away from her even for a moment. At the time of his birth, he was only 700 grams, Sunita was insistent that she would make her child stand on his feet.

Photo Credit: Amar Ujala News Original Article

Only after this determination and struggle, the son is now a para runner and a student in Bachelor of Arts 2nd year. Sunita said that she goes to every competition with her son and encourages him. The son is also working hard seeing her mother’s struggle and love and has won a bronze medal in the National Para Athletics Championship held from May 4 to 7 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi, India. He has also participated in two-state, and one national level competition in Para Athletics. Sunita herself works as LVDC in Block Office Hamirpur, proving to be a very hard-working woman who has shown tremendous courage and strength during the tough times her small family went through.

It is the result of the mother’s determination and belief that made her son stand on his feet, who now is a bronze medal winner in the National Para Athletics Championship, India. One never should lose hope to get better in life and Sunita has set a great example of it.