Humanity over Anything!

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Often we humans forget the real values of humanity. This story is about one true human a “transgender”, who saved a life of a child on the rush road!

It was morning at 9 am, and a group of transgenders was there on the road, collecting donations from the people, (as it is their ritual for their livelihood). One lady was standing nearby on the road by that time, holding a small kid. One group member came to her and asked her to donate some money, but that lady denied her and also scolded the transgender person for asking her for money. She said in Hindi, “तुम लोगों को और कुछ काम नहीं है क्या, जब भी देखो सिरफ पैसा मांगते रहते हो|” (English: You guys don’t have any other work, whenever you see you keep asking for money only.) to that- transgender replied- “हमारा घर चलता है, आप सब लोग जब हम पैसा देते हो|” (English: Our house runs, you all when we give money). Listening to that, the lady just ignored her and moved away from there.

The road was crowded and there was a lot of morning traffic on the road. That lady, with the small kid, went to one grocery shop nearby and as she was busy shopping, her kid, unknowingly, stepped out of the grocery shop and went on to the road. Fortunately, at the very same time, the same group of transgenders was passing by the side of that grocery shop when one of them saw that kid. The kid was standing on the busy road, and she told the other members, “ये देखो एक बच्चा रोड पर अकेला खड़ा है” (English: Look, a child is standing alone on the road), the kid was already crying and screaming standing over there alone looking for the mother.

Then among the group, one of them remembered and said, “मैंने कुछ देर पहले इस बच्चे को उसकी माँ के साथ देखा था” (English: I saw this kid with his mother a while back)- then she came closer to that kid and took that kid on her lap and offered him some chocolates. By that time his mother rushed out of the grocery shop in search of her son and saw that the transgender whom she scolded earlier was standing over there holding her son and calming down the child.

Illustration by Stuti Agarwal. (explore more of Stuti’s work here)

Seeing that, the mother felt relaxed, came to her kid and thanked that transgender, and apologized to her for her rude behavior earlier. The mother said to her, “हम अक्सर लोगों को जज करते हैं और आज मैंने भी आपको जज किया आप से बदतमीज से पेश आई, लेकिन आप के वजह से मुझे मेरा बेटा मिल गया” (English: We judge people often and today I judged you too, behaved rudely with you, but because of you I found my son). Hearing that the transgender concluded, “We’re transgenders and yes we’re humans too, and if you people love us then it will become fortunate enough for us to conquer the difficulties in our lives!”

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved”.