Breaking the Barriers

Couple, breaking the barriers of society by setting an example

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The duo Asha and Abhinav will get married very soon. They set an example of humanity, breaking all the misconceptions in the society regarding organ donation, where humans who have either donated or received organs to or from others, are still thought to be different, hence people keep distance from them.

A news I read in a local newspaper ‘Dainik Jagran’ recently highlights this Good Around Us, click here to go to the original news. The news is written in the Hindi language and while I am not officially translating it, in my own words without any intention of changing any facts, I must say that this news really touched my heart.

The news is about the duo Asha Daspa from Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand in India, who once donated her kidney to her brother Hira Daspa and Abhinav, a resident of Didihat in the same district, who received a kidney from his sister Deepa Pangti about two years ago.

Asha Daspa says that there is a general perception in the society that people/families prefer not to establish relationships with the organ donor or recipient and their families.

Asha and Abhinav are now getting married and setting an example in the society that they are also like everyone else.

Photo Credit: Stuti Agarwal (explore more of of Stuti‚Äôs work here)

They both say that, “Our relationship will give a positive message in the society”. I agree completely with this and support this lovely couple who not only did the kindest thing, but also are willing to break the barriers of the society by setting the right example.

I believe many people are going to be inspired by Asha and Abhinav’s story and eliminate that misconception from their lives that neither of the organ donors not receivers need to be treated differently, they are a very essential part of our society and must be treated so.

I wish them long and happy married life!!!

Muhammad Ali, the well known boxer, once rightly said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth!