Random Kindness brings smiles!

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On a very pleasant afternoon, me and my dad went out and decided that I can get burger to eat, while my elder brother was enjoying in a birthday party with his dear friends.

This happened with me in the town of Chelmsford in Massachusetts while we were waiting in line after placing our order, to pick it up. The place wasn’t very busy, still the line wasn’t moving at a very good pace, but me and my dad were having fun in the car while waiting. He was telling me about the different gears in the car that it has, soon this will be history with electric cars taking the lead.

As our turn comes up, we roll down our window, my dad presents the payment to the cashier at the window, a voice from another cashier comes up and he tells us that the car ahead of us already paid the restaurant for our meal. We looked at him with surprise and asked him at least 3 times to confirm and even made sure that they didn’t charge the car ahead of us by accident. The cashier was clear, the family in that car wanted to pay for our meal.

This on a nice Sunday afternoon, when the weekend is about to end, couldn’t have made the weekend any better. Over the weekend I got to do a whole lot more activities being part of Cub Scouts, stayed in our tent in an overnight camping trip, had a lot of fun with my friends and now this.

A BIGGGGGG THANK YOU!! for this family, whoever they are, they will absolutely be in our prayers and we will be passing this good deed forward for sure.

Maya Angelou, an American Poet, memoirist and civil rights activist, once said, “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”

Keep doing good, keep reading good!