Kitten Reunited with Mother

A Sweet Kitten reunited with mother

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One evening, while sitting at my porch, I saw that a kitten came to near to me and one can tell it was sad and crying. I tried to pet the kitten and tried to understand where it came from and see if it was hurt or what may have been the reason for the kitten to be alone. It looked wondered to me, as if it may have seen a human for the first time. I finally was able to get near to the kitten and right away, it jumped into my lap, sat comfortably and stopped crying. There was a tiny smile on my face and I felt happy.

After some petting and calming the kitten down, I was going to get something for the kitten to eat, but wherever I went, it came behind me. I knew that it was hungry, so I crumbled some biscuits that I was eating and put it in front of the kitten, but apparently it didn’t eat them. Figuring that it may want something else, I went around looking for other food for the kitten, and it continues to come behind me.

Kitten reunited with its mother
Photo: Sanjay Semwal, kitten that would follow me everywhere!

It’s winter time in India, very cold in our region, so I thought Kitten might be feeling cold so I took a piece of cloth and tried to cover it but it came out of that cloth again and again, being playful. I was also looking to see if it has any family around but the kitten kept on following me and crying. It got puzzling for me as to what did this kitten want, doesn’t want food, doesn’t want to stay under the covers away from cold. I managed to get the kitten indoors to at least keep it away from the cold this way.

After about an hour that it hung around, what I hear is another bigger cats sound, apparently looking for its baby. This cat approaches the kitten and I’m sort of worried as cats can get mad quickly at other cats, but when this kitten quickly ran to that cat, I knew that there was a connection. That other cat may be the mother. They both hung around for some time cat licking the kitten all over, and kitten enjoying mother’s company.

Finally I think I was able to get what that Kitten wanted, to get back to its mom which might had been out in the search of food. It brought a big smile on my face and a peace of mind that while the mother was out looking for food, I kept its baby away from danger. It feels really good and I’ll gladly take more of such light and happy moments to keep filling my days.