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Treat Other Species Also With Love & Kindness.

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Dogs are humans’ best friends, and the nicest animal breed on the planet, among them, are stray dogs, homeless, and without owners to take care of them. While the dogs are very domesticable and their interactions with humans are typically submissive, there are a few humans who love their own pets but are extremely wary of stray dogs. The reasons for humans being wary of stray dogs could range from common beliefs that stray animals are dirty, disheveled, and can’t be trusted. A story goes viral on social media about how a pack of dogs was seen brutally mauling a child, and some isolated incidences are a big reason for this kind of behavior from humans.

The loyalty of a dog makes it a best friend, they play a friendly role in many of our lives too, and when we are in or facing any trouble sometimes they also feel our pain. In my neighborhood, I have seen many people opting to adopt a stray puppy and give them a great life. It melts my heart to see such a great initiative from humans as while unfortunate that these dogs are born with no destiny, humans have stepped in and given these dogs a better destiny.

A little treat for my readers: Welcoming stray puppies in my home

One such story is of a puppy that was picked up from the streets by a family I know some time ago. The puppy is happy and healthy and loves this new family that gave it a beautiful home to live in, healthy food to eat, and the opportunity to play fearlessly. The children in the family love the puppy and have a lot of fun with it. After I heard about this story, many more have come out and picked up stray puppies, and brought them into their homes. I appreciate these kind acts.

Surely a little empathy and respect for another species can reduce a lot of conflicts and make the world a happier place. So let’s try and make Mother Earth, a peaceful place for all creatures big and small, with shared thoughts of kindness. Let’s not create bad karma for ourselves by being cruel to these voiceless, helpless animals. Hitting or beating them may turn them aggressive in self-defense, resulting in more attacking or biting. Treat them with love and kindness and notice how they will reciprocate the same emotion will be reciprocated unconditionally. Instead of going for fancy & costly breeds of dogs, try adopting a stray. They are low maintenance and are as good and dedicated to their family members who adopt them. Thank You for Reading 😊