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Loving Nature

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God has made the Earth very beautiful and blessed nature with colors and purity. Along with being beautiful, nature also helps keep the Earth ready for the dwellers of the planet, that are the animals and humans, trees and plants provide the necessities for survival.

I find myself very lucky as I consider myself a nature lover by god’s grace. I have proudly planted many trees and plants in my house. It all started in my childhood and I still recall the day when I was about 12 years old, I was visiting my sister’s house and there I saw many trees and plants in her house, they looked extremely beautiful, and you could feel the difference in the quality of the air I was breathing. That was a completely different feeling among the plants with lots of flowers which also made the house look very beautiful. I stayed there for a few days, and every day I saw my sister taking care of the plants, talking to me about how to take care of the plants, I learned a lot after living there for a few days. Then when I came home, I insisted and went with my father to buy plants from a nursery nearby. I planted them and made the house look and smell amazing.

After that experience, I have maintained to bring plants and keep them in my home. The biggest lot of plants I get is at the Diwali festival every year, today I have 40-50 plants at home which now keep my house clean, fresh, and looking beautiful. I personally take care of them and it gives me immense satisfaction along with the happiness that I am able to bring nature closer to my family.

It is also written in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (कुदरत पवन पानी बैसंतर कुदरत धरती खाक) which means that “By his power, wind, water, and fire exist; by his power earth and dust exists (सब तेरी कुदरत तू कदर करता पाकी नई पाक) Everything is in your power, lord; You are the all-powerful creator, your name is the holiest of the holy.

Using this little story of my own, I want to share with everyone to bring nature closer to you, plant trees in your homes, and take care of nature while making your home and earth beautiful and clean.