Cow and calf

How do we change the world, 1 random act of Kindness

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It was just a few months back at my friend Chandan’s house here in Badripur, I was relaxing in a small rural area where many animals roam freely.

Chandan mentioned that there is this cow that used to roam around their house every day and that he & his family members would give her something to eat. It so happened that for one or two days the cow did not show up, then Chandan’s mother started to wonder why would the cow not come by. Chandan while out for a walk with friends, in the evening, and saw the same cow, then went back home and told their mother about them finding her. He mentioned that there was something not normal with her.

Chandan walked her mother to the place where he saw the cow and found her sitting. When his mother saw the cow, she knew that the cow was sick and that she was pregnant. Immediately they called the veterinarian and the doctor performed his checkup, and gave the necessary medication/injections, etc. Chandan’s mother did not want to leave her like this and there is no place in their house to provide shelter.

Their neighbors have cows and buffaloes in their house, so they requested them to hold this cow as well, and being helpful neighbors told agreed to keep that cow in their house and care for her during her pregnancy. The cow was in not great shape and hence it took many days for her to recover, she was very weak and was pregnant for about six to seven months.

Jumping four months from this time, both families took care of the cow, got her health improved, and provided food and medication that the cow needed during this time. This is what humanity is about where they share their time, effort, and money to provide a good and healthy time for an animal in need. Those people have done a lot of service to the cow, if they had not paid attention to that cow that day, both could have died.

Eventually, the calf came to life and was a healthy one. Chandan’s mother and her neighbors have done a great job. Now both the cow and its calf are quite fine. Somewhere people may not have much but are always ahead to help others. As the title says, one random act of kindness is all it takes from one person to change the world.

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