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Animal Rescue & Help Group

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If you are an ardent reader of our stories, you must have come across some of the articles where my friends have been helping out some animals that were in great need. Today, I’m taking this opportunity to introduce them to you as they work towards helping more and more animals. They may not be a big group, but definitely making an impact and all of that just by using a WhatsApp group.

Nakul Rana who is a college student, is often active on social media, he comes across many animal cruelty videos. Nakul says that such cruel actions done by humans upset him and many other fellow humans, but not all come out of their comfort zones to help these poor animals. Nakul could not find a simple way to start getting help to needy animals, so he started thinking.

Around the time of May of the year 2020, in the state of Kerala, an elephant ate a pineapple, which had a bomb, that pineapple blew up, due to which the elephant died, this news got viral on social media. Nakul and his friends Sagar Dang and Shivam Bartwal took this news very seriously and decided that they will help animals and start their own group/organization.

They start their group and begin helping animals. On July 2022, they hear about a cow that fell into the Shakti Canal, so Nakul, Sagar, and Shivam all three reached the place of the incident and with the help of a rope and some bystanders, they pulled up the cow out from the canal. All three were very happy that day. They finally saved the life of an animal beyond just helping with the feeding etc. It was a moment that they were waiting for, they felt very good that day.

Since then, they’ve created a group on WhatsApp “Animal Rescue and Help Organization”. Now they use their WhatsApp group to motivate other people and even recruit volunteers. They were able to get a lot of messages, from their college friends, family members, common friends, and many more people. They tell these volunteers, to help the animal or if any animal near them is sick, hurt or someone is troubling them, then just report the incident in their group so that we may help that animal. Nakul and his friends have helped 10 to 12 animals in real need so far with the help of people.

To read about their good deeds, read the below articles:

These three souls along with their volunteers are lighting up the world, and when possible, we should help animals when they are in trouble or hurt, if we can’t directly help someone, request help from such non-profit organizations that are dedicating their time and efforts for the sole purpose of helping out animals in need. Remember, what you sow is what you reap.