Don’t Stop Trying – A lesson early in the age

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I must have been only 5 or 6 when my grandfather took me to see the carnival that had come to town. It was really great. First, we went to see the parade. It came right down the middle of the street. Then we went into the big top tent to see the acrobats and the lions. Afterward, as we were leaving, I saw where the elephants were tied and I just had to go over and see them.

I was very surprised when I noticed that the smallest elephant, just a baby really, was tied up with a very
heavy chain, but its mother was tied with what seemed to be only a piece of old clothesline. I asked my grandfather why the elephants were tied so differently. He replied, “The older elephant has learned that she can’t break free and run away. Her baby hasn’t learned that yet, so the people in the circus have to chain her to one place. Learn from this. The older elephant could easily break free from that old rope and run away, but she has long since stopped trying. Don’t you ever be like that and stop trying.”