Seema shows her might to never back down

Seema shows her might to never back down

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A powerful message this little girl shares with the world from the story we found here.

Nitish Chandra, the author of the original article reports about the spirit of Seema, a specially-abled child, from Jamui village in Bihar state (India) is undaunted. She is just 10-year-old, but covers a distance of one kilometer, balancing on one leg after she lost the other in an accident two years ago. Her disability, however, tapped out in front of her desire to study and be in school.

Seeing Seema’s enthusiasm and her desire to study, many people have stepped forward to help her with the battle. A video (click here to go to the video), which went viral on social media, showed how Seema struggled on one leg to reach her school. 

The picture was taken from the original article by Nitish Chandra

Seema’s parents work in a brickyard which is near their house. Seema lost one leg as a tractor hit her 2 years ago. Seema, who has five other siblings, said her life would have drowned in darkness but seeing other children go to school, boosted her morale. The 10-year-old mentioned that initially it was extremely challenging and painful for her to cover the one-km distance to school but over time it became a habit.  

Government representatives, who claimed that there are many schemes to back differently-abled children, have also started reaching the border villages. The District Magistrate (DM) also reached Seema’s house and gave her a tricycle and assured her of getting an artificial limb. The officer also promised her a pucca house.

Shivkumar Bhagat, a teacher in Seema’s school, said that she has never seen Seema break. “Her spirit is like that of normal children,” the teacher added.

There are many places that have hesitation and do not give their children the opportunity to learn in schools. Seema on the other hand is setting an extremely motivating example, and it is our duty to spread the message as much so that there is no corner in the world where children don’t get the option of education.