A crocodile 🐊 that never harms anyone

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The original story can be found here and without changing the message from it, I’d like to say that the message is very clear for us. In this story, a Mugger Crocodile lives in harmony with the human population and the priests of the temple are not afraid of taking a dip in the pond, which is Babiya’s (name given to the Crocodile) home.

As this story goes, Babiya is not a surprise visitor at the ancient temple but has been the pond’s official resident guarding the temple for the past 70 years. This Hindu temple is in the southern state of India called Kerala and is called Sri Ananthapura Temple. The Ananthapura temple is of great significance and is considered to be the moolasthanam (principal seat) of the famous Sri Ananathapadmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvanathapuram.

The story broke out when Babiya stepped out of the pond and entered the temple premises for the first time. Pictures of Babiya inside the temple premises are being widely shared on social media platforms.

The picture was taken from the Tweet by Ditya (Deepash89016327) click here to see the tweet

The gentle vegetarian crocodile entered the temple premises on Tuesday evening, spent some time and went back after the temple’s chief priest Chandraprakash Nambisan requested it to go back to the temple pond, temple official Chandrasekharan said.

Even though the temple pond has enough fish and other aquatic life, Babiya leads a vegetarian diet and consumes the food offered to the deity which consists of cooked rice and jaggery. According to temple officials, Babiya is fed twice a day by the temple priests, at times they even place the rice balls right in its mouth.

However, wildlife experts say that Babiya is a mugger crocodile that generally survives on fish, reptiles, and rodents, and the temple offerings consisting of rice, plantains, and puffed rice can be its dietary supplements.

No one is sure about how it came to be here and who named it. So far, there hasn’t been any history of wild behavior and the gentle reptile is even friendly enough to share the pond with the priests who sometimes take a dip in its holy water. The fact remains that Babiya has never attacked anyone.

No matter what the story suggests, whether the Crocodile is truly a vegetarian or not, one thing that comes out of this story is obvious, there is definitely a sense in animals too to coexist in harmony. People in some cases get scared so much that they make the lives of animals a living hell, but like in this example, a Crocodile can live among humans as well. In many places, you’ll find such animals as pets, which also tells us that if given a chance, harmony can be created between the living beings.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you like the message.