Water for Strangers – relief from the scorching heat!

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It is the month of June and in India, it is hot, with the temperatures reaching up to 41 degrees Celsius, and 106 degrees in Farenheit, where I live. In many places, the temperatures reach 47 to 48 degrees celsius.

In such heat, it is very difficult to go out of the house and we’re really just waiting for the Monsoons to bring rain to us and cool the earth down. I still had to go out so I went to the market a couple of days ago to purchase some stationery. While returning from the market I saw such an act of kindness that inspired me and made me thank humankind for bringing some relief to many people in this heat.

The picture was taken by Vaishali, the author of this article

The people from the Sikh community and with help of other people, including children had put up a big stall serving cold water and Roohafza – an ethnic flavorful sweetener – to the people walking in the market. I was definitely up for it and took the advantage of the opportunity and cooled myself down and Thanked them. Then I asked them if they are charging the people any money in return.

The picture was taken by Vaishali, the author of this article

They said ‘No, we are serving this water and beverage for free!’. They said that their belief is that quenching people’s thirst gets them pleasure and happiness and their Gurus have taught them to do so. They put up such stalls every year for travelers, and people so that they can get some relief from such heat.

I found this so inspirational for me because to quench people’s thirst is a very virtuous act. Well, most of the time this summer, many people put up this stall from place to place and do this very noble work! Children are also involved in such an act of kindness, which teaches them to become very kind people as they grow up.

I hope everyone who is thirsty sometimes in such sultry weather is close to these stalls too so that they have the relief these people aim for. Wishing them Thank you and Congratulations on this noble work of theirs.