Deepanshi Thakran - The Women Power - September 2022

The Women Power

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During the lockdown period during COVID-19, all the people were busy with their own lives. I want to share a story about a housewife named ‘Sumi’ who wants to be an entrepreneur to start a business of her own.

She was busy with her family and married life. During the lockdown period, she knew about her skills and that she had a lot of qualities to be a businesswoman. Now she started believing in herself and learning about business and startups. She was good at making pickles and wanted to use this skill in her business.

Sumi named her business “Anand Aachar” and invested herself purely in it. Just believe in yourself and you will see the magic.

Her fight with society:- Sumi is a brave and courageous woman. She always crosses the line made by society and fights for herself in her own way. By being an entrepreneur she wants to be Independent and stand on her own feet. She never feels down for whatever people say about her. She is the one who decides her life for herself.

The journey of her startup:- Sumi already knew about her ability and efficiency so she build up these qualities with the help of her family. She learned a lot from the Internet, YouTube, Social-media. She created a business account on Social-media as “Anand Aachar”. Now, she sells pickles online and offline in both ways. It has been quite a journey for her from learning things she didn’t know, breaking boundaries, and getting her business known to the world.

Moral of the story:- Moral of this story is to be independent, and know your worth. Never get worried about failure, always work for success. Don’t let your confidence accept the failure way, you don’t compare yourself with others because God makes you precious.

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