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United We’re Powerful Than Whatever May Come

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It was in 8th standard when a new girl named Neha enrolled in our class. We (a close-knit group of five friends) had been watching her getting bullied by a senior for weeks. She was a timid girl getting pushed around and made fun of. Her lunch money was stolen, her books were knocked out of her hands, and her clothes were pulled. She would cry and then try to hide it with a fake smile, but we knew it was just a mask. We had been discussing what could be done about it.

One day, during lunch, we saw the bully, a big, burly boy, push Neha down. The poor girl hit her head on the ground and started crying. We ran over to her.

“Are you okay?” one of us asked.

The girl shook her head.

Finally, we couldn’t take it anymore.

“We’re going to stand up for you,” our other friend said. “You don’t have to put up with this anymore.”

We confronted the bully, telling him to back off and leave our classmate alone. It wasn’t easy and took courage. Of course, the bully was bigger, and we were scared inside, but maybe the group’s strength stemmed from him being alone while we were five. We stuck together, refused to back down, and chased him away. The girl thanked us and smiled for the first time in weeks.

It took a while, but eventually, the bullying stopped. The girl started to come out of her shell, and we as a group became even closer.

We knew that we would always stand up for anyone facing bullying in school from then on.

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