True friendship never ends Friend in need is a friend indeed

A true friendship never ends

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This is my first article and I’m very excited to write about something that is truly good around me that I’ve observed and cherish, my friendship with Prachi, Vinni, Umma, and Chitra. This is a blessing in my life and I say that true friendship though hard to come by, always has your back in life. My name is Gurendra Kaur, I am from Amroha.

My story starts when I completed my schooling at Scholars Home Senior Secondary School, Amroha. I was going for higher studies and would be worried about how the new college would be & how the people there would be. I heard about ragging news in some colleges, altogether it made me scared a lot. My father and I visited the college Teerthanker Mahaveer University (TMU), in Moradabad for admission, and we went ahead and signed up for the General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) course.

It was my first class on the 16th of August last year and there were 101 students in the class. I didn’t know anyone and was a little bit nervous as I am not a very outspoken kind of person. Our class coordinator came to the class and everyone went through their introductions. I still remember the moment when he made me the head of the class, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. That day, during lunchtime everyone started talking with each other and was a very friendly environment. I also made a few friends, the ones I named earlier. We five became such close and who are ready to do anything or even die for each other😇. I had met Prachi and Umma on the day of admission, so we connected right away, while I got to know Vinni and Chitra on the first day of my college. We also started living together and the friendship was getting deep roots very quickly.

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The best days of my life came and went shortly after. As the days went by, the priorities shifted, and our friends sort of drifted away from each other, we didn’t mind this at all, but I felt bad seeing that we were not spending as much time together anymore. But after some months we even had some arguments because of some differences. Everyone stopped talking & started living apart from each other.

As life started to become normal once again, I was once I was super busy with some activities that I missed taking notes from one of the lectures and I ended up not going to one of the classes to catch up on my notes. My luck wasn’t on my side and the coordinator caught me when I wasn’t in the class, scolded me, and called my parents. I cried😭 I was very much scared what will happen to me now? A very close friend of mine from our class came to know about this incident and told my other friends about it.

Out of all the other friends, the 4 besties came to me and said “कुछ नहीं होगा यार टेंशन न के हम लोग है तो साथ हम बात करते है सर से |” (Nothing will happen, we’ll talk to the teacher together and figure this out). We requested to talk to sir and explained everything to him and we convinced him to give me another chance, which he agreed to.🙃 I was scared as this could make me very unhappy and impact my studies altogether, but somehow my friends were there for me to bring me out of this situation.

Now, I am very happy and we all are together like before. I have made many friends, these 4 have a special place in my heart. I still meet my friends from school every Sunday and practically live the rest of the week with my 4 besties. True friendships never end, no matter how bad the situation may get. I heard a saying in my childhood “Friends in Need are Friends Indeed”, I’ve literally lived this saying and can say this to be one hundred percent true. 😇🥰

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If you have friends as I have, cherish them, enjoy every moment with them, love them, tell them that you appreciate them and of course don’t worry, a few issues between you will never end the bond!