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I am a student and one of my subjects is CHN (Community Health Nursing), also called Public Health Nursing or Community Nursing, which combines primary healthcare and nursing practice in a community setting. In this course, we are posted in different areas and we have to serve in that community. During this exercise, we toured the villages every day, I had a chance to a village the village for the first time and I liked the atmosphere of the village very much. We visit different houses every day and talk to the people living there about their health and any related problems they want to discuss.

If anyone has any kind of health problem in the house, then they would tell us and then we give advice about how that can be cured, what precautions they can take, etc. At the same time, we collect data about those families for use in future health surveys. We go into detail depending on the problem that we are encountering and ensure that they can get their treatment quickly. In case of any minor disease or illness, we provide them with medicine and educate them about the symptoms so that they can be alerted and how to avoid them in the future or be aware of what they’re experiencing.

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During one such visit, I remember, we went to Sarkadi village near Amroha, Uttar Pradesh where we were told about a case of joint pain. There was one old lady, whom we addressed as Amma, who had pain in her knee joints. Amma’s name was Meenu Pal and she was in a lot of pain and was not able to bend her knee and was not able to straighten it either. We also observed also swelling on her feet. After hearing all the symptoms, we told Amma the names of two painkiller tubes, Relispray, and a gel called Volini. We explained everything about how and when she needed to apply this ointment and gel and left.

We visited the village again after a few days and met with Amma curious to know how she feels now. She said after applying the gel she feels very relaxed. Amma didn’t stop showering her blessings on us and thanked us a lot for our service and efforts. A big Thank you came from her to all of us on our team. The treatment we do is absolutely free as this helps us learn, provides free service to the people who can’t afford and creates a win-win situation.

Villages are nice community settings where everyone lives together, cares for each other, knows each other, and helps each other as well. During these times, in winter, people sit outside their homes with a fire to keep them warm, talk to each other, and share lives. In this village setting, I even got to see cow sheds in most of the houses in the village where I got to feed food to the calves, there is greenery all around, which I liked very much. Small children were playing freely and happily such cool games absolutely unique which I have never seen before.

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Not just the villages, but the environment in villages and how people are together always for each other is what makes me think, this is The Good Around Us, we don’t need to look far to find happiness, it is close to us, just need to look!