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“Service to humanity is the highest Religion”, is what I try to live by and plan to live by my entire life as I believe there is no religion more extensive than service and charity. Today the whole world in the northern hemisphere is shivering due to the cold waves and all of us are so affected by this cold wave that we all wear different types of clothes on our body to keep ourselves warm. Yes, but even today there are many people who are not able to save themselves in this chilling cold, as they may not have any warm clothes on to wear in this cold weather.

As the English calendar celebrates New Year, every year, and those are the coldest of nights here, I have taken a vow to personally distribute warm clothes and blankets to helpless poor people every year on this day. I and my whole family celebrated this New Year with the needy people on 31st December at midnight as we ring in the new year. We did this when the entire world was celebrating New Year with their friends and families. I had invitations from my friends as well to join in their celebrations, but I had to be part of this noble work that I was able to put together along with my family.

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I rejoiced when my entire family distributed blankets to poor old people and by doing this we all celebrated the English new year. I believe that we all have our way of having fun, one could enjoy spending their money on useless things but if all of us could use that money for service, then many lives and their blessings will be with us. The people will be able to celebrate any festival with joy when their basic necessities are taken care of, such as maintaining a shelter and having clothes to wear to keep them and their families out of the cold.

Everyone in my family was feeling very satisfied and happy that they could help out. At times I still drive by those people to whom we distributed the blankets, and sometimes I think that they’re there happy and warm because of me and my family. They would remember this and talk about it with others and spread the kindness themselves as good deeds should not just be done, but also talked about, promoted, and spread.

I hope that every person reading this subject would take inspiration and try to do something small or big service to spread kindness and feel the same happiness that we felt. Service is the supreme religion, Service is the ultimate religion.