Nanakmatta Sahib - Peaceful day - 01

Nanakmatta Sahib and my supporting father

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A few days ago, I was not feeling very well, so along with all the medicines that I was taking, my father asked me to come along to a very peaceful place. He said that I will feel good and all the stress will also go away. My father is very supportive and supports me in every condition and with his recommendation, we planned to visit a holy place “Gurudwara Nanakmatta Sahib”. This place of worship is in the Udham Singh Nagar district of the state of Uttarakhand in India.

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My father, my sister, and I went to the Gurudwara together to take blessings and as I mentioned find some peace for me to feel better. It wasn’t too long of a drive and as we reached there, we started to see some crowd as this Gurudwara is a very respected one and visitors from many towns come here. Right before entering the Gurudwara, we took some time to read its history on a board placed at its entrance. Just reading in quiet and peace, gave me a positive feeling and I was ready to move further in this already soulful journey. I also got to learn the teachings that tell you how to help the needy and preaches that the first religion is humanity. The readings also talked about how everyone should be treated equally and also learned how to take care of nature. Nature is the biggest giver and should be taken care of very carefully.

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As part of the Gurudwara, is also a lake called Sarovar on the same premises. People are allowed to take a dip in it and is supposed to help bring positivity to your life while praying. We then went on to explore other areas of the Gurudwara, and on that day, there is something that gave me positive vibes. No one is rich or poor in the court of God as we walked among the devotees and there was no judgment of any sort there.

Everyone sits together and eats guru ka langar, it is a free food distribution that happens in the Gurudwara every day. In the Guru’s langar, everyone sits together on the floor and eats the langar. There is a community kitchen in the Gurdwara, which is maintained by the volunteers of the Gurdwara. Guru ka langar is absolutely free and does not discriminate in any way at all. Meals in the langar are vegetarian which can be eaten by everyone and are considered pure as there are blessings from the Gurus and efforts of volunteers who do this without any expectations.

After this we went to Bauli Sahib where there was a huge lake, seeing which I felt relieved, being in the middle of peaceful nature. There was complete peace and no noise at all, with only the sound of water. Just seeing this, being there, I realized what a beautiful place God has given us where we are living. One should always thank God. In sorrow as well as in happiness, whatever is provided, one should be thankful for everything.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji has given 3 golden pillars to living life peacefully

  • KIRAT KARO, work hard and honestly, making an honest living
  • NAAM JAPPO, always remember God, meditate on God inwardly and outwardly through reciting, chanting, and singing
  • WAND CHAKKO, share with the needy.

Overall, all throughout the day, I don’t remember thinking of my illness and just had a lot of peaceful moments, and cherished being in such a place. That evening and the following days, I thought of my journey and a memory of how I found peace and got well quicker than I think I would’ve if my father didn’t take me there. If you are going through some tough times, find a place that gives you peace and you’ll see the wonder happening as it did for me. My happy place is a Gurudwara, I hope you find yours very soon.

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