Twins for adoption - 01

The world may not change if you adopt a child, but for that child, the world will change

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Meena Jain Hospital is near my house that specializes in female concerns, and a lot of child deliveries are performed at this hospital. In December 2022, a lady gave birth to twins and both of them are boys. The lady who had two twins already had a daughter. Her financial status isn’t very good, she is very poor and a widow at the same time which brought her ability to take care of 3 children very low. Her husband passed away in a car accident about five months ago.

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My aunt is a nurse in the same hospital, this lady mentioned to my aunt that she would love to give her two children to someone. She will not be able to give a good life to her children, so she wants to find them a family who can care for her babies. When my aunt inquired about her family she found that she had done a court marriage by going against her family’s wishes and she has no contact with them now.

How much pain she must have suffered after she took the decision to have her babies adopted, and how much she must have thought for her children but the time was not on her side and things started to go wrong with her. There are so many instances I hear in this world, of parents who do not want their newborn babies and would abandon them, I am glad that this lady is thinking wisely and would like to find a family who can take better care of the babies.

On the other hand, there are many families who do not have babies and would love to be able to become parents, they then adopt babies from hospitals, etc, or sometimes from their relatives.

The babies had their destiny defined and coincidently, a married couple heard of this situation and stepped up to adopt her babies. This family is a resident of Nepal, the neighboring country of India. The man works at a job here in India and has moved here permanently. This couple has been married for a little over 13 years but they haven’t had a child yet. They’ve tried a lot, along with a lot of treatment, but no result, and hence they made a decision that they would adopt a baby. They’ve sent in their applications for baby adoption to many hospitals.

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Then the hospital staff informed the couple and they came by to complete the formalities. He adopted one of the baby boys, this family has been very happy since then. The baby is still very young and cannot be separated from his biological mother immediately, so they’ve all agreed to stay close to the biological mother for about a year, making the transition easier for the baby.

The biological mother is keeping the second baby as she hasn’t found another family to adopt her child. I got to meet those babies, they are very cute, my aunt took me to her when she told me all this. I was very sad for the mother, but I was also happy for those children that they are a part of a very good family. I congratulate the mother of the twins for making this decision and thinking of giving a better life to the babies, who otherwise may not be able to get that good life.

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Adoption of babies is a very normal and brave option that many families take advantage of to complete their dream of having a complete family. I thank those people who open their hearts to a baby born outside of their family and welcome them into their life. This is a new life for those small children who are adopted by the family. May God give him good health and good life! As the title of my article says, people who adopt children may not change the entire world, but they certainly change the world for the child they adopt.