Agniveer Awards won in sport competitions

First Agniveer from the Family

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This is the story of my cousin Abhishek. He got selected in the first ever Indian Army Agniveer Bharti Rally held for the selection of army candidates. Now, he is on his training since December 2022 in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Agniveer (Fire Warrior) is a new Indian Military rank, and these recruits are hired for a term of only 4 years, where the first 6 months are training and the remainder of the time is deployment. They will be given an opportunity to extend their tenure with the Indian Armed Forces or they can choose to retire with a lump sum money and no pension.

The Indian Army Agniveer recruitment starts with Physical Fitness Test (PMT), where the aspirants were to go through below processes:

  • Physical Efficiency Test / Physical Measurement Test
  • Written Exam
  • Document Verification
  • Medical Examination
  • Merit List

Each process must be passed by the aspirants to be selected for Indian Army. In the state of Uttarakhand, the rally was scheduled at different locations on different dates. Abhishek’s test was scheduled in the town of Lansdowne, Uttarakhand in August 2022.

In the Physical Efficiency Test aspirants were to cover 1.6 km running in under 5:30 minutes, then qualify in the 9 feet ditch test and qualify in the Zig-Zag Balance beam. Abhishek completed running under the specified time and qualified for the other physical tests. A large number of candidates were there for the selection. The selection is no less than any competition and it is one of the toughest of all time as we could hear in the news that 300+ candidates were taking part in one time running and only 15-20 candidates were being selected.

Photo Credit: Author of this article – Abhishek

Abhishek qualified for the written exam too and after that cleared the document verification, and the medical examination successfully. Everyone hoped for Abhishek’s name to appear on the merit list and it did happen as expected, making everyone happy in the family. After completing the six-month training Abhishek will provide his services to the nation which is one of the proudest moments for him as well as for us. Despite tough competition Abhishek and 10 other aspirants from the Herbertpur and Vikasnagar areas made it. They all passed the hurdles between them and their dreams (PMT, Written, Medical Examinations) to make a bright Career.

Abhishek has done his Bachelor’s Degree (B.Com) from Saheed Kesri Dakpathar College, Dehradun. Also, He was in National Cadet Core (NCC). He has got ‘B’ & ‘C’ Certificates from NCC.

While sharing a conversation I had with Abhishek, I asked him about some of his important life events:
Sanjay: When did you compete in your first running competition?
Abhishek: I was in 6th class when I compete in the first race. I didn’t get any place but completed the race.
Sanjay: When did you get a rank in a racing competition?
Abhishek: It was in 8th class when I got first place in the 100-meter race competition.
Sanjay: Have you ever tried to join Indian Armed Forces before?
Abhishek: Yes. In 2019 Army selection rally was held but I got out of the race and didn’t get qualified.
Sanjay: How long you have been preparing for this?
Abhishek: Since my first attempt in 2019, I continued practicing. Joining NCC in my college helped me to prepare for it well.

Now, Abhishek is an inspiration for everyone here, and he says once you start practicing for such competition, never look back and continue your preparations. This is true as a little progress each day adds up to big results. Whether Agniveer or not, motivation, determination, and perseverance are the key elements of being able to achieve your dreams!