Monkeys Shakumbhari devi

Sharing our day with Monkeys, made us feel, good

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Near my home town, at a Hindu temple, our goddess answers our prayers, wishes are fulfilled, gives us a task such that it will make us feel good, and content, and give us a little purpose. During my latest visit, I felt that the goddess-mother set me up for a similar task, and not only did that make me feel good but also gave me a little purpose.

Mata(mother) Shakumbhari Devi is one of the nine goddesses in the Hindu religion. Siddha Peeth Temple of Mata Shakumbhari Devi is located in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and it is said that whoever prays and asks for anything with a sincere heart, their wishes are fulfilled, I got more.

The temple is about 66 kilometers away from my house, and the road to the temple is a beautiful drive through the green forest and some sites of wildlife. It is one drive that we all cherish and love, so at times when there is no traffic, we deliberately drive slow to enjoy the beauty of mother nature. After we said our prayers, while returning, a little far from the temple we stopped to have some food somewhere at a magnificent and beautiful stopping point. As we started eating, we saw a bunch of monkeys approaching us. Soon, they started getting around us as if they want to take something from us.

Monkeys are generally very unpredictable and can just snatch what they like and run away, somehow this bunch of Monkeys was very calm and just sat down watching us with a very little commotion. Very soon we realized that they must be hungry and looking for food from us.

Watching them, while we were eating, we got a little nervous and we didn’t want to feed them because that might give them the wrong impression and they could just attack us and make a mess. So, we gave them some pieces of bread, but then immediately, we then noticed that more monkeys started getting around us. The food we had wasn’t enough for all of them, so my father took out the bananas from the car and distributed them to the monkeys. We have never witnessed this before where the monkeys are so quiet and calm and almost as if they are the most trained animals on this planet.

Many cars that were passing there, and the people in the cars saw us giving food to the monkeys, even they stopped and started feeding bananas and apples to the monkeys. This was nothing more than a miracle site for me as there was so much harmony and understanding between the humans and the monkeys and was a super peaceful exchange.

I wish all over the world there are such good-hearted people who really thinks about these animals. I also believe that the mother goddess destined me to meet these cool bunch of monkeys, feed them and inspire other people as well.

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