Kids help out parents during Summer Break

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Summer break from school and studies is a time when usually children will mostly relax or travel to distant places, make new friends and do all the fun activities possible can. Some children are privileged to have the luxury of relaxing, while some might not and they have to play another role for their family.

In one such example I recently heard of, at the end of the month of May, some of my friends were on their way to Rishikesh to visit. What they saw was both inspiring and heartwarming, but at the same time heart-wrenching too. This is about 3 young school girls that had set up a small table along the roadside, where they had cucumbers to sell and some stuff for called chaat to sell to people. Typically, people driving by would stop to get something to eat in the scorching heat, like cucumbers that are light, and hydrating, and many people set up such small stalls to earn some livelihood for themselves and their families

This picture was taken by my friend

Seeing these girls doing this, we couldn’t resist but ask why were they doing this at this very young age and whether they go to school or not. In talking to them we learned that they go to school but it’s summer vacation time and they are doing this to help their parents earn a little extra money such that their livelihood can improve.

Among these three sisters, the eldest sister is just 10 years old and was selling food on the table on the roadside. My heart melted when my friend told me about this and while it gives inspiration that there is no age limit to do everything possible for a family happy, it is saddening too that the childhood of these children is spent doing stuff that generally adults will have the responsibility of.

In this world, every family’s situation is different, in which condition they are living, some are rich, some are poor, etc. These girls became my example to learn that everyone must understand their family situation and think better about their life and family and that is exactly what these children are doing by helping their parents earn extra money.

You can do anything no work is small or big. Just thinking should be big!